Physical blue

Anne has developed over more than 10 years a very specific drawing technique with only black and white materials triggering the appearance of an intriguing non-pigmentary blue.


Close collaboration with French National Research Labs (CNRS) since 2016 have allowed to better understand the foundations of her patented technique based on complex glaze patterns and a light diffusion phenomenon identical to the one at play in the blue skies.

This discovery has been subject to several scientific publications and is regularly presented as part of Scientific conferences, Art conferences, workshops, or Research symposiums (see dedicated section).

The singular type of black mineral pitch she has selected to produce this effect in combination with white chalk is fully natural, extremely rare, and chemically unique so far.


Her glaze protocol, at nanometric scale, is particularly delicate and appears to relate in parts to observations made by Leonardo da Vinci in his notebooks.

Such proximity with History of Art is currently fueling research projects with Art Historians in collaboration with the Research Center of the Louvre Museum (C2RMF) to better understand how this process may have been used easel painting Masters of the XVIth and XVIIth Centuries.


This technical invention irradiates her work with very distinctive effects giving an intense expression to the eyes of her portraits.

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