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(work in progress)

Portraits, graphite  230x150cm

Which eye have we inherited when it comes to seeing?  


In all that we are and in all that we do, we have to deal with the sensitive. You can learn to see the world around us. It is both the way we feel it but also the way we offer ourselves to him, how we dialogue with him.

In 2017, Standing Rock in North Dakota became one of the most followed places in the world. Thousands of Native Americans in peaceful resistance have drawn international attention by occupying land along the route of a pipeline under construction.  The Dakota Access Pipeline threatened access to drinking water for 18 million people. An unprecedented ecological and spiritual disaster for the American Indians.  

Beyond the story of the resistance of the Lakota in their fight for the conservation of their environment, this story also questions us about human behavior in the face of ecological awareness and the very critical scarcity of drinking water resources.

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