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Born in 1979. Lives and works in Avignon

Through drawing, Anne Goyer's work explores our relationship to perception, memory and light in a transdisciplinary approach. She develops a polymorphic work aimed at revealing “the sensitive”. The human face becomes a meeting place, a poetic interface, a search for sensitive appearance. Over the course of these plastic experiments, mixing scientific approach, intuition and technicality of the gesture, she creates a new blue. Borrowed from nature, it is structural and pigmentless, similar to that of the Earth's atmosphere. Proceeding by hand and with only black and white materials, she structures a luminous space in thin layers on a nanometric scale, thus managing to bring the light wave into the presence.

Based on bare means, a composite temporality, this process has been the subject of a patent and a Research-Creation project since 2016 with the CNRS (French National Scientific Research Center) and the physicist Anne Pillonnet of the Institut Lumière Matière de Lyon.



2022 “The sky as a laboratory” Fructôse | Dunkirk (coming soon)

2021 “Appearance of materials”, GDR APPAMAT (CNRS) and the University of Poitiers, Espace Pierre Mendès France | Poitiers

2020 “Light on painting” Adrien Lucca. International conference on light, color, art, science and design.  National School of Art of La Cambre | Brussels

2020 “Blue Rayleigh” Symposium “Lessons from nature – from Biology to Bioinspired materials” Materials Research Society | Boston, USA

2019 “Blue light” science day, Lyon Biennale, Bullukian Foundation| Lyons

2019 Scientific Research Center of a Luxury Group | Saint-Jean-de-Bray

2019 Academy of Fine Arts of Lyon | Lyons

2019 “Light blue in mineral pitch and chalk drawings” Center d'Art Plastique Fernand-Léger | Port de Bouc, France

2016 “Controlling the alteration of drawings with mineral pitch on paper” Revue Le papier à l'essai de la couleurs / ARSAG, Grande galerie de l'Évolution du Muséum national d'histoire naturelle | Paris


​​ “Painting in blue without blue pigment: “physical” blue in painting, from the 21st to the 16th century”

Article "Blues and greens: colors and lights" Hermann editions. Book published under the direction of Michel Menu (Director of the C2RMF Laboratory at the Louvre) and Anne-Solenn Le Hô (Research Engineer at the Center for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France (C2RMF), Head of the Painting group of the Research Department) / May 2022

“Structural blue of non-pigmentary origin obtained by the method of glazes in painting” ISTE Open Science –  Scientific Article / December 2019 

“Mastering the appearance of light blue on bitumen and chalk drawings” Support-Tracé review of the ARSAG association (Association for research on the Graphic Arts) scientific article / January 2018


2021 Art Helmets, Monaco, Prince of Monaco Museum. Collective exhibition, Artcurial for the benefit of Monaco Liver disorder

2019 Bullukian Foundation, Science Day, Lyon Biennale. Curator: Fanny Robin

2018 Exodus Exhibition #2016 | Pio Monte della Misericordia Museum, Naples, Italy. Curator Laure Flores and Maurizio Burale. Integration of a work in the permanent contemporary collection.

2017 “Water Protectors”, Installation: Drawings (portraits), and interviews of Lakota Indians, Standing Rock, North Dakota, USA.         

2016  Exodus#2016 Exhibition | show | Fernand Léger Arts Center, Port-de-Bouc. International Salon of Drawing "Pareidolie" Marseilles. Curator Laure Florès. Commissioned for the 150th anniversary of the city of Port-de-Bouc, France. Installation:  Graphite powder portraits and audio testimonials.

2014 Collective exhibition “Red and black, colors of prehistory” OKHRA, Conservatory of Ocher and Color, Roussillon, France. Curator: Juana Maillot

2013 “Nana”  - Marseille 2013 European Capital of Culture. Patronage of RAZEL BEC, Marseille, France.

2012 “The worker” project, CMA-CGM Patronage of VINCI Construction, Competition of the CCI of Marseille, France. "Metamorphoses" - Opera Theater from Avignon, France 

2011 Clair-Val, “drawings” exhibition – Carqueiranne

2009 XVIII International Plastic Art Competition Lopez Villaseñor Ciudad Real, Medal of Honor with Congratulations from the Jury. Collective exhibition López Villaseñor Museum, Ciudad Real

2009 New Artists of Painting and Sculpture Competition "Benidorm '09" Benidorm, Spain. Collective exhibition. Integration into the collection  permanent of the city museum.

2008 Festival d'Avignon, Backstage for the play by Gérard Gélas, "The Twilight of Che" - Théâtre du Chêne Noir Avignon, France


Les Échos - Frank Niedercorn article "Finding the blue of the sky and the eyes"

La Tribune - David Gossart article "They are going to put the blue of the sky in capsules" 

Science for all “A Blue Light between art and science”

Le Nouvel Obs- Julien Bouisset

Arte e Luoghi - Antonietta Fulvio

Exibart Magazine – Dany Ray Russo

Eroica Fenice - Carolina Borelli

Rai – TV report - Antonella Fracchiolla

Il Mattino

Il Corriere della Sera - Melania Guida

Huffington Post - Mauro Verde

La Repubblica - Renata Caragliano / Stella Cervasio


Catalog Pareidolia - International Season of Contemporary Drawing 2016




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