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Between scientific approach and artistic gesture.

Unlike the colors commonly used in painting or drawing, the blue developed by Anne Goyer does not come from pigments.  Its origin is not chemical but physical and structural. It is of the same nature as atmospheric blue. This phenomenon is known to physicists as “Rayleigh scattering”.

It is by proceeding by hand with a unique gesture and using exclusively black and white materials that she structures the luminous space in thin nanometric layers, thus provoking a sensitive encounter with the light wave. This encounter with light questions our gaze, our perception, our relationship to the visible and the invisible, to color, to the immensity and to the infinitely small.

Close collaborations in Research-Creation with the ILM (Lyon 1 University) and the CNRS (French National Scientific Research Center) since 2016 have made it possible to better understand the scientific foundations of her technique. This innovative discovery continually fuels new interdisciplinary research projects, particularly in Art History. since it questions the painting techniques used by the old masters, in particular those of Leonardo da Vinci.

This process, developed by the artist, is protected by a patent.

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