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“EXODUS#2016”  2016 | 2019

Three Graphite Powder Portraits


2018 / Pio Monte della Misericordia Museum, Naples,

2016 / Pareidolie International Drawing Fair

/  Fernand Leger Art Center in Port-de-Bouc, 

"The evocation of history has long been the absolute plastic quest of the supporters of the Grand genre of painting. In the tradition of these artists aspiring to arouse emotion in the face of the power of memory, Anne Goyer reactivates a key episode of local history through drawn portraits. In 2016, sixty-nine years after the events, Port de Bouc chose to take an interest in the Exodus, for the first time from an artistic angle, even though films and works of a scientific or romantic nature have been produced. Touched by this true social legend in which she finds the echo of a worrying topicality, where the values of humanity and living well together must be reminded to younger generations, Anne Goyer casts her artistic gaze .

Following a residency at the Center d'arts Fernand Léger between 2014 and 2016, she presents the three monumental portraits drawn with graphite powder by Noah Klieger (survivor of the Exodus encountered in Haifa), Thomas Corella (baker of the Exodus in Port de Bouc) and Robert-Paul Vigouroux (doctor on the Exodus), accompanied by oral testimonies collected by the artist. The scenography of the whole is deliberately stripped down to invite introspection and contemplation. The work of Anne Goyer, which it will be tempting to assimilate to the human and socially evocative force of the works of Ernest Pignon Ernest, can be analyzed, savored, surprised and fascinated, impacting the spectator as much as the historical fact. "  

Laure Flores [Excerpt from the catalog in a special edition for the Salon du dessin Paréidolie]


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