Art projects

The projects presented here correspond to several forms of collaboration with public or private partners on a given subject.

These initatives are supported by Town Councils, Patrons from the private sector (construction companies), cultural institutions, universities and researh centers.

Since 2013 - Optical research

with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) on the perception of color. Lyon, France.

2017 - "Water Protectors" project

North Dakota, USA - on going

2016 - Exodus #2016

Centre d'Arts Fernand Léger,

Port de Bouc, France

2013 - "Nana"

Patronage by RAZEL BEC. Restoration of Marseille's Old Harbour, France.

2012 - CMA CGM Tower

Patronage by VINCI Construction,

Marseille, France

2010 - "The Dusk of Che"

Théâtre du Chêne Noir,

Avignon, France

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