• 2014 - 2016 : collaboration with Art Restorer Emilie CHECROUN (Epitopos Lab) to analyze structural blue on drawings resulting in a first publication in Support Tracé (ARSAG) and a Conference at Paris Natural History Museum.


  • Since 2016 : partnership with CNRS and Université Lyon I Claude Bernard (Institut Matière-Lumière, UMR5306 CNRS) on characterization, stabilization and refining of the glaze process and investigation of other applications resulting in a publication in Open Science (ISTE).


  • Since 2020 : collaboration with Paris-Nanterre University on research of possible applications of the process in the history of easel painting, resulting in the publication of a dedicated article in the latest book by Michel MENU (Director of C2RMF), to be published 2021.

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